LipglossNMics where did it all start? Kelly Kel had always had her personality somewhere involved in music. She played many roles thru out the years. Retail to major tour (meet n greet) coordinator for big venues. Then to work close with label A&R reps to work small venues like House Of Blues (meet & greets), to artist that were just getting signed.


After leaving the corporate chains. Corporate starting pulling her to choose the music to cater to. She was told by mentors that she needed to spread her wings . Control her speaking and be around bigger audiences.


Kelly’s passion was music that was not going anywhere. She started being more involved with independent artist. Going through the years building her social media skills. Doing the best she could not giving up. Trying to figure the next step.


Then she met this man through social media named Boss.  She watched the way he moved through his entertainment co. When they spoke you could hear it in his voice his passion for music. It took a minute for her to listen yet when she did things started to elevate.


Kelly decided to be a part of their team. Little did she know she was going to be the next radio personality of 258. She had a lot to learn in three years. LipglossNMics was born and getting an audience.


In 2017 LipglossNMics became syndicated and is airing on 8 stations. LipglossNMics home location is 258Radio were she grew and got most of her knowledge with support to be where she is today.

LipglossNMics  will proceed to grow . Kelly has interviewed some great artist such as Lil Mouse, Lil Donald, Mike Jones, YOG Westwood, Haitian Jak, Bangem Smurf, Nikko London, Mama Joyce , Scott Free …….and many more….


I look forward to keep building with everyone and our team gladly appreciates everyone that stops by 258Mafia.com & LipglossNMics.com